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Our Mission

​To empower you to create your own extraordinary life. We provide the tools, technology, and ideas to achieve this through entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, personal development and financial independence.

Our free courses help you take control of your finances (Rebel Finance School), launch a debt-free business (Rebel Business School) and unlock your full potential (Extraordinary Life Course)

We want to free you to live the life of your dreams

Achieve financial freedom

Unlock the path to financial independence with our free courses, investing guides, calculators and incredibly supportive community. No matter where you’re starting, discover strategies to manage your money, pay off debt, save and invest wisely.

Start your own business

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey without the burden of debt. The Rebel Methodology empowers you to launch and grow your business with healthy finances and experimentation built in from the outset.

Design an extraordinary life

Start crafting your version of an extraordinary life. Discover the power of intentional design to create a life that reflects your values, passions and aspirations. Your dream life awaits.

Our free courses

Rebel Finance School

No matter your starting point, this free 10 week course will help you take control of your finances and start working toward a brighter financial future

Extraordinary Life Course

Did anyone come to your school and offer you an extraordinary life? of course they didn’t. You have you build it yourself. Let us help you define then create extraordinary

Excel for Beginners

Do numbers, maths and spreadsheets scare you? You are in the right place. Join Katie for this Excel for Beginners course that will guide you through creating and using spreadsheets to improve your life!

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Huge love for you all. This course is a real life-changer, there is so much stigma attached to discussing money so you have broken boundaries – generational et al…it’s also put my partner and I on the same map, realise we want the same things and have the same goals and we are working together as a team to achieve this…this is all THANKS TO YOU! I check in the Facebook group daily and love the sharing of best practise, signposting and general camaraderie. Katie, Alan and the Rebel Ninjas YOU ARE MY PEOPLE! X

Monica - UK

Thank you sooooooo much I’m so gloriously inspired to work towards financial freedom. I’ve shared the course with everyone I possibly can and a friend just text me to say she’d completed it 🎉 Thank you forever ❤️

Ifalase - UK

Thank you so so much. You have made the world of finance so clear. I always wanted to understand it but just didn’t know where to start. I have blindly accepted the default pension given by my employer as I was too scared to change it. I didn’t have the knowledge and assumed they would have arranged the best deal.

Lucy - UK

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About Us

We are the Donegans: we have spent decades learning self-development, entrepreneurship and finances to create our version of an extraordinary life. We hit financial independence when Katie was 35 and Alan was 40 meaning we never have to work again, if we don’t want to. We love to travel the world, meet new people, eat all the cool foods and help others.

We want to share with you what we’ve learnt from managing our personal finances, investing and show you how to enjoy the freedom that financial independence buys you.

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