Alan Donegan

Alan founded Rebel Business School in 2012 with Simon Paine after they thought there must be a better way to start a business, without debt and without formal business plans.

Since then, Rebel Business School become a global movement in Colombia, Morrocco, New Zealand and more. Alan went on to launch The Rebel Entrepreneur podcast and then Rebel Finance School with his wife Katie.

Alan and Katie reached financial independence in 2019 and now travel the world writing, playing and eating everything!

Alan Donegan – Rebel


Taking an idea and turning it into a business doesn’t require business plans and loans. The world seems to believe it takes money to make money and I have been working to change that belief and help anyone make money doing something they love. Rebel Business School can help you to build a business without debt.

Rebel Finance

We learnt about financial independence in 2015 and made it our mission to sort out our finances so we never had to work again if we didn’t want to! We hit our FI number in 2019 freeing us from daily work and have built Rebel Finance School to help people take charge of their finances.


After hearing the expression “the extraordinary belongs to those that create it” Alan went on a mission to discover how to create an extraordinary life. Extraordinary means something different to every one of us and no one is going to hand that life to you, you have to build it.


My Dad is an entrepreneur. He taught me so much. When I was at school all I wanted was to get out and work for my dad, my hero. One vivid memory I have from my childhood is my dad coming home with a black leather suitcase full of money and asking my little brother and I to help him count it and put all the queen’s heads round the right way! I was probably 12 years old; I remember being sat in the front room counting notes for what seemed like hours. Even back then I was excited by seeing all this money and my eyes were wide open as we counted all the way to over one hundred grand (back in the days when that was a lot of money!)

I learned so much about what to do and what not to do in business from my dad. I just about scraped through college and left formal education at 18 years old to go and work with my dad. From a series of amazing experiences with him, horrific experiences working for corporate companies and failed business attempts of my own, I learned so much that I eventually ploughed into launching my own business when I was 28 years old. I started my own business because my last employer fired me.

Since then, through trial and error, I have made money and built different businesses without ever going into debt (after watching my dad go bankrupt for £3.6 million, there was no way I was going into debt!). I read every business book, went to business courses, got help from the British Government and worked for years to build my own business.

I co-founded Rebel Business School with Simon Paine to tackle the belief that it takes money to make money. Now Rebel is 7 countries and helps thousands of people a year build businesses debt free.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a set of skills that you can develop over time. There has never been a time in history where it is easier to make money doing something you actually love to do. Now is the time to start a business. Find out more from Rebel Business School here or listen to the Rebel Entrepreneur podcast.

Financial Independence

What is Financial Independence (FI)?

The simplest definition is that the income from your assets is greater than the amount of money you spend each year.

That’s it! Simple. Buy enough assets to produce an income greater than your expenditure and you are FI. There are lots of ways to do this, investing in property, stocks and shares, starting businesses and earning more money, reducing your expenses and so on. It is something very few people even understand. That is why we built Rebel Finance School.

My Journey to Financial Independence

…..started a long time ago with self-development books and courses, becoming aware of the importance of saving money for later in life and looking after yourself financially. I still didn’t really understand it and after some bad experiences with my dad (he helped me invest all my life’s savings in high tech stocks just before the 2001 stock market crash!) I was very sceptical.

Reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in my late 20s got me started thinking about assets versus liabilities and led to a burning desire to buy an asset. It took another 6 or 7 years until we bought our first and second investment properties and a few more years and a lot more reading to get comfortable investing in the stock market again after being burnt so badly. Tony Robbins wrote a very long and tough to read book that inspired me to learn more and then my friend Matt got us into the FI world by sending us Mr Money Mustache’s Blog.

After spending months translating American advice into British language, my wife (Katie) and I were off investing and saving and growing our net-worth. We focused on building that net-worth and growing our investments for the next five years until we reached financial independence in 2019 and started to think about what cool things we could do around the world.

Why you should care?

Understanding the language of finance is no mean feat. The investment companies purposefully make it sound complex so they can charge you more for their advice. Katie and I want change this and enable you to easily take charge of your finances. We started Rebel Finance School in 2020 and have helped 3500+ people to take charge of their finances.

Alan Donegan


Alan is completely inspired by superheroes, Marvel, Batman and more. The thought that one human can stand up, create positive change and make the world a slightly better place has driven Alan to write movies, create courses and travel the world.


Alan loves building Lego models. Going nomadic has curtailed his fun but he still loves building and creating. The extraordinary belongs to those that create it so we might as well get on and build it. Building cool things has been a life long passion for Alan.


In 2019 Alan fulfilled a lifelong dream by travelling to LA to write a movie script. he wrote a romantic comedy, created a blog about it and is now writing his first book. Words have the power to lift people up or destroy. Alan wants to inspire people to create the life of their dreams using his words.