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In 2017, with ChooseFI Podcast, I ran a contest to find someone with a cool business idea to coach and support for a year.  The plan was to coach one individual to create a resource for how to start a business that would help many more people, like you.

Alan Donegan coaching startups

Alan coaching people in Thamesmead how to start-up
The year has passed, the results are in, and you can find out what happened to Tallis and her new business!  The purpose of doing this was to create a set of calls that you could listen to and work on your business at the same time.

The resources we created for you

Before we dive into the coaching series:

  1. ChooseFI is a financial independence podcast designed by a couple of cool friends called Brad and Jonathan.  The purpose of the show is to help you get to financial independence
  2. They wanted to do an episode with me to help people work out how to increase their income by building a side-hustle (or business around job, kids, or family responsibilities)
  3. This article lays out the different episodes in order so you can follow along.  I would love you to act as if you are Tallis in this case, and think through the questions I ask for your business or side-hustle

I wanted to share this with you to help you on your journey to building your business.  The first episode is a reminder of the content from day 1 of the Rebel Business School, and the coaching starts after that.  Click on the picture to be taken to the podcast episode.

Episode 30 – Alan being interviewed about how to build a business/side-hustle to create extra income.  These are the 5 ways to start a business with no money
Episode 30R – Brad and Jonathan give their takeaways from the 1st episode and we set up the competition to find the person we will coach and help build a business
Episode 56 – Alan meets Tallis, and we unpack how her business works.  Alan asks lots of questions to understand Tallis’s business model and help her get started quickly.
Episode 77R – Alan and Tallis discuss pricing, progress, and next steps in growing her business, plus we start to talk about pitching an idea.
Episode 85R – Tallis updates us on progress and then we work together to develop her pitch, creative ways to open a pitch, and when and how to talk about prices!
Episode 101R – At the end of this episode, Tallis gives us an update on how she has got on and what has happened, and we wrap up the coaching project.

Why listen to the episodes?

I think there are a few main reasons you will enjoy the episodes:

  1. Tallis has a cool business designed to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease through dance, and it shows how you can build a business doing anything that adds value to other people’s lives
  2. There are lots of tips and advice about building businesses, making sales, and pitching and selling included in the podcasts to help with your business
  3. Brad and Jonathan are excellent presenters, and their podcast is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get to FI beyond my episodes.

I would love to know what you think.  If you listen, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think, and if there is anything else you need!

I have some more cool articles planned, so sign up for Alan email below and I will send you an update when I have written a few more fun articles!


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