How do you get new things to come into your life?  How do you uncover new opportunities? How do you find the next project to work on?

One of the lessons I have learned over the last few years is that if there isn’t any space in your life, how can you take on new things?  I’ve written before about creating space and why it is difficult, and this post is about why you should create space.

Alan Donegan Vacuum

I didn’t have a vacuum with me to do a picture for this so this is me doing a vacuum
About ten years ago I was reading a book on manifestation and wealth.  I don’t even remember the name of the book!  I do remember one of the points it makes, which is the title of this post: “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”.  It had a huge impact on me. Read on to find out how to use it in your life……

Step 1: create space for something new

The basic concept is that nature fills in gaps.  If there is a blank flowerbed in your garden it will fill with weeds.  If there is an empty field it will grow something! If there is an empty shelf in your house it will fill with something.  Nature doesn’t like it when there is an empty space (a vacuum), so it fills it!

Two years ago, my wardrobe was filled with suits and shirts from my corporate training days, and it was filled with clothing that I didn’t love much anymore. So, using the Marie Kondo method, we went through the whole thing and cleared out 7 bin bags of old clothes!  It was painful at the time but it was amazing to get rid of them and create space.

I felt happy that I could see the clothes I loved, I could easily get to things, and it felt spacious again!

Fast forward to now, and it is filling up again!  Clothes that don’t fit me, things that I don’t really like and random stuff that I never touch!  Why is it filling up?

To be fair, a large part of the space I have created has filled up with stuff that I love and I have an entire shelf of Marvel Comic t-shirts!  Yay!

None of this stuff would have come into my life if I had not created space for it to come!

If you want new things to come into your life then you have to create the space for them to come.


  • If you want new relationships then you need to get rid of some of the old ones to create space for new ones
  • If you want new clothes then get rid of the old and clear the wardrobe to allow space for them
  • If you want new clients then maybe you need to let go of some of the old ones to create space for the new ones​ ​


No matter how much I vacuum and clean, something fills the space again!

Step 2: being intentional with the space

The second step is to be clear on what you want to fill the space with.

If you don’t have a plan for the space you create then it could be filled with anything.

You don’t need to know how to get it yet; you just need to know what you want to fill it with.  If you empty the flowerbed without having a plan of what to fill it with then weeds will grow over the patch.  If you get rid of an old acquaintance that is dragging you back without knowing what type of person is going to fill that space, then anyone might step into the hole.

How do you do this?
Have an idea of what or who you want to fill the space you are creating.  Visualise it, write about it, make notes about it, find pictures of it on Google Images, and spent time thinking about it.

Create space in your life and then start to see what you want to fill it.

I have just created 7 weeks of space in my life for a new project.  I am in the air flying to Los Angeles right now to start screen writing.  Do I know exactly what is going to happen? Do I know exactly how it is going to go?

I have no idea!

But I have created the space and I have visualised myself writing in cafes on Venice Beach, I have seen myself going to cool meetings and pitching my ideas, and I have seen myself having fun.

I created the space in my life by leaving the UK, leaving Henry, Simon, James and Jack in charge of Rebel Business School, and putting an out of office on my emails.  I have 7 blank weeks in front of me.

It is exciting.  It makes me nervous.  It is absolutely what I need to do.

I created space in my life,  I visualised and thought about what I want, and I have made it happen.

Now the rest is up to nature (and how much energy I put out!) I wonder what is going to fill the vacuum I created?

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

  • Create space in your life for things to come in
  • Have a clear idea of what you want the space to be filled with
  • Take positive action and make things happen

Positive action
You might be thinking, “Alan, this sounds a bit woo woo for you!” and maybe it is.  I believe the bit that sets me apart is that I create space, know what I am going for and then I take MASSIVE action.

Over the next 7 weeks I am going to be writing about my trip to LA and what happens.  If you want to know more and join me on the ride then sign up for my mailing list.

Let me know what you think of my latest article below.  Leave me a comment.  It is your interaction and engagement that drives me to do this stuff and share my thoughts with you all.

Good luck and create space in your life for cool shit to happen!


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