Katie and I were sat Buenos Aires last year wearing hats, gloves and all the warm clothes we owned.  We were outside drinking hot drinks, eating alfajores and working on the Rebel Finance School course.  We didn’t care how cold it was as we had purpose.  We had figured out that we needed to re-write the debt week of the course.

​With only 5 days until we ran debt week we had decided to re-write the entire week into 2 sections, the first “how you get into debt” and the second “how to get out of debt”.  We were inspired, driven and it could have been any temperature.  We had a mission to help people with their finances.


When you feel like you are doing something important, you don’t care about the cold, you don’t want to fall asleep and you just want to keep going.  Read on for the big announcement of dates for this year and more about how Rebel Finance School has grown and changed over the 4 years we have run it.

Rebel Finance School

We started Rebel Finance School in the 2020 lockdown.  We looked around and people seemed to be in a pickle with their finances, losing their jobs, being put on furlough and more.  We wanted to do something to help.

So I suggested we do what we know how to do best and design a course to help people take control of their finances.  We launched an 8 week programme on zoom and invited everyone we knew on Facebook.

133 people turned up to that first course and we had an amazing time running it.  Every week we went live on zoom in lockdown in the UK.  After 90 minutes of content and sometimes another 90 minutes answering questions, we finished at 11pm on a high!  We were buzzing so much so that we would have to go for an hour walk just to calm down to a level that would allow us to sleep that night!

We ran the course again in 2021 and this time asked a couple of our FI friends to share the course as well.  This time 346 people turned up and the course expanded to 10 weeks of content.  In version 1 of the course we discovered that you can’t teach investing in 90 minutes!

We worked hard developing the different concepts, we worked out how to teach them in a more concise way, we developed our slides and content and added in supporting materials.

The feedback was that this course was life changing.

Michael told us “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To give away all this knowledge for free is literally priceless.

Orange told us In the last ten weeks, you cleared the fog around me and now I can see my direction. I was on a little boat not knowing where I was heading to, but you are like a lighthouse, gave me hopes & dreams”

The feedback made us feel very emotional and happy that we were able to help. We knew we were onto something and truly making a difference in people’s lives.  They came along believing that it takes money to make money and they left thinking that maybe, just maybe, it is possible for them to sort out their finances and become wealthy!

Version 3 happened in 2022. Katie was featured in a Sun Newspaper Article that went viral. We broke zoom, redesigned the course to be even more impactful and put it on YouTube Live so people could catch up during the week.

Last year’s version of the course had 5,304 people attend from 28 countries!  We had such a buzz answering your questions, helping with your finances and more.  It was incredible.  Katie and I are addicted to running the course but it takes SO MUCH energy and 3 months of our lives each year. We were trying to be retired!  lol

Check out this infographic with some of the stats from the feedback that you wrote for us on the first 3 versions of the course:


I think what stands out for me is the changes in people’s beliefs.  Before the course, 34% of people strongly believed that “realistically, chances are I will never be wealthy” and that plummeted to just 9% afterwards!

Why this is so powerful, is that it doesn’t matter if you know how to save, how to create a gap between income and spending and then to invest in index funds, you will NEVER do it unless you believe it is possible for you to become wealthy.

There were 5,304 people from 28 countries around the world and they came in believing similar things and left believing that they had the opportunity to take control of their finances and build a brighter future.

I truly believe it is possible for you to get in control of your finances.  If you are 64 years old, you won’t be able to retire at 40 but that doesn’t mean you can’t take control and improve your position.  It doesn’t mean you can’t create a comfortable normal retirement!

I don’t care about your age, what country you are from or anything else.  We just want to help you improve your finances, feel more hope and have more fun and opportunity in your life.

Rebel Finance School 2023

It has been nearly a year since we ran the last course and it is time to do the next one.  The exciting news is that we are coming back to the UK to do it live from the brand new Rebel HQ in London.  We will of course do it simultaneously do it on zoom and broadcast it on YouTube Live so anyone around the world can tune in!

Katie and I are so excited to be coming back to the UK for the summer.  We have heard that the summer is going to fall on a weekend this year so we are hoping to see it.

What does all this mean for you?

If you would like help getting on top of your finances then we will be running the course again.  Monday night is finance night baby!

Starting Monday 12th June at 8pm UK time we will be running Rebel Finance School 2023 live. It is completely free to you as always.  Plus there is the opportunity for some of you to join us live if you can make it to the Rebel HQ in London.

Virtual tickets

If you would like to come to Rebel Finance School then get your virtual ticket here and join over 4,500 people that have already signed up.  We will have space for 500 people on zoom and if that is full then you can join us on YouTube Live

We will, as always, stay online after we have finished delivering the content to answer all your finance questions about index investing, saving, mindset and communicating about money with the people you care about.

10 weeks??

One of my favourite stories from the course was a gentleman that came along to the 2022 version.  He posted in the Facebook group before the course saying:

“Hi everyone, looking forward to the course, and really appreciate Alan and Katie putting this on. But can’t help but thinking 10 weeks is gonna be a heck of a commitment, especially now we are slowly getting out of lockdown. I do want to be FIRE and I am committed, to a point, but a bit fearful about the commitment. Is anyone else feeling like this?”

Needless to say he got lots of positive comments in the Facebook group saying come along and try it!  Then after the course I saw another post in the group from him saying:

​”Year end update: we did our monthly meeting last weekend (slightly delayed due to a holiday).

For the first time in 20+ years me and my wife have a whole year of tracked income and outgoings. We have a clear picture of our total net worth, total control of our finances, and a vision for our financial future. But more importantly, we have never felt more empowered to create the life we want to live.

I was a little sceptical before joining the course as I thought it was a big commitment. I was SO WRONG and it was the best thing I have ever done financially. Everything we have achieved this year was down to the generosity of Katie and Alan giving up their time and knowledge, and additionally, many others in this group who have shared your stories, questions and advice; all of which keeps us inspired and learning everyday!

The most amazing thing is that to achieve all what we have this year, was to listen to the lessons, read the guidance in the Rebel blogs and TAKE ACTION.

Thank you to everyone in the group for helping us on this FI journey

P.S If you are struggling with any of this stuff, reach out to the group or me directly and I am sure you will get all the help and advice needed.”

This made my day.  I still get this warm feeling and huge smile every single time I read this post.  If Katie and I ever need energy to keep going and make this stuff happen we go back to the positive comments we get in your feedback forms and on the Facebook group.  Thank you!

You HAVE to be an investor

Governments around the world are creaking under the pressure of an ageing population and supporting people in their retirement.  You can no longer rely on your state pension to get you through.

You need to take charge of your retirement planning and investments.  Not only do you need to take charge you now have to!  In the UK the government has auto-enrolled everyone in pensions and you need to understand what it’s invested in and how to manage your investments to get you to retirement.

No one else is going to look after your financial future for you.  You are now an investor whether you like it or not. 

​Investing is no longer a game you can afford to avoid.  It is time to get involved and we are going to help you do it.  No one else is going to manage your financial future for you.

In person for the first time

Katie and I are hoping to meet so many of you when we are back in the UK for the summer.  We will be travelling around the country to come and say hi!

For us, one of the most exciting things is that The Rebel School (the business I started with my partner Simon 10 years ago) now has a building!

We will be running each week from the Rebel School building so 50+ people will be able to join us live for the first time ever! We’ll still be streaming the course live so you can tune in from anywhere in the world.

We did have Taylor, Angela and Lilly come and watch in Argentina from our flat in Buenos Aires but this is the first time we will have a venue with space for people!

​More coming soon about joining us in person if you are in the area

We are also thinking of organising some meetups and more whilst we are in the UK so watch out for those.  We will announce them all via the mailing list and on our website.

We start Monday 12th June 2023

The Rebel Finance School will start Monday 12th June 2023 at 8PM UK time.  Whatever country you are in you can join us online and we will help you get on top of your finances and answer all your questions!

​All you have to do is sign up for the course and come along!

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We need your help!

This year we would love your support running the event if you would like to help us!  Last year we had a team of fabulous Rebel Ninjas who answered questions in the group, helped us live on the night and so much more.

We don’t charge for the course and we give it all away but it is a HUGE project and we can’t do it all with out you. This year we would love your help with two things…

1. Telling people about the course
We want to reach as many people as possible and help them with their finances.  We would love your help sharing the message and telling people about the course.  We don’t have a budget for paid promotion so we rely on your support and word of mouth.

You can help us in the following ways:

  1. Share our post on Social Media and tell the world about the course.  Click the button below to share our post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram
  2. Do you work for a Housing Association, Council or organisation that wants to support people?  Maybe you can introduce us to the right people there to share the message?  Send us a message here if you can
  3. If you know a journalist, podcaster or blogger please ask them if they would mention us on their platform.  Have us on their podcast to talk money, share the story about the finance school or more.  All the magic happens through people we know!  Do you know a podcaster, blogger or journalist you could tell about what we are doing?

​If you would share the post about the new course we would LOVE that.  Click the button below to share a post about the course launch.  The button will take you to one of our posts about the course and you can just hit like, retweet, share and write a few nice words!

Thank you for helping us share the word of good personal finances!
2. Support on the course
This is a big project helping 5,000+ people with their finances.  If you would like to support us this year in answering questions, writing blog articles, managing the Facebook group or something we haven’t even thought of yet we would REALLY appreciate your support.  Please message us here and we will reply!

Launch Livestream

We did a livestream announcing the launch of RFS 2023 and we also answered all your finance questions.  If you missed the livestream you can see it on catch up here.

​You can hear all the details about the event here plus plenty of your questions about finance and the Donegan answers!

Let’s make 2023 the year you take control of your finances!

Just come along and be part of the event!  The true purpose of all of this is to help you get on top of your finances.  All you really need to do is make sure you are online on 12th June 2023 for the first session at 8PM UK time (ask Google what time this in wherever you are!).

Make sure you signup to the course even if you can’t make it live because we’ll send you the link to the catchup video by email.  We put the catchup videos on YouTube as we know people have schedules that mean they might not be able to make it live.

Let’s make this the year you get on top of your finances and really make progress.

Katie and I are doing this to give you the opportunities and security that comes from being on top of your finances.


​THANK YOU for reading.

Here is to your success.

See you for the start of Rebel Finance School 2023!

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