Another podcast on entrepreneurship? Is there a need for one? Do we need more advice on how to start a business? 

I started Rebel 7 years ago with Simon Paine because I felt that the advice out there in the world was not only poor but at times misleading!

Things have gotten better, with books on how to start up with little money, podcasts about innovative entrepreneurship methods and lots more blogs on the subject.  But the general advice about how to start a business from banks, universities and other traditional institutions still sucks. 

I have been thinking about starting a podcast for years.  Maybe now is the time?  Maybe you would like to be involved? Maybe we really can change the way entrepreneurship is taught and have an impact on the world?

Rebel Business School Podcast

Last year I got together with a young man called Jib  (Yes I am aware that by calling him a “young man” I sound really old!) who came to the Rebel Business School in Chippenham and we recorded a sample episode.  You can listen below and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know what you think. 

Maybe save it for your next commute? Walk? Gym visit?

At the time I was so busy building Rebel that I didn’t really enjoy the process of creating my own podcast, so I didn’t push it over the line.  This MP3 has stayed dormant on my laptop for over a year! Until now!

I have been approached by one of the largest financial podcasts out there with the opportunity to build a podcast on their network!  They have already built an incredible platform, they have the infrastructure in place and they are inspired to create content with me!!??

I am going to do a first season with them to see what happens. I am very excited, but what does this mean for you?  A few things:

  1. Coming soon. If you want more content on building businesses and making your own income doing something you love then join the mailing list below and I will let you know when it is going to launch. 
  2. Team. I am looking to build a team to help me run and present the podcast.  Firstly I am looking to find a showrunner that I can built it with and can help me make it happen.    After that I am looking for guests, contributors and ideas! 
  3. Guests.  I am looking for guests and stories from the Rebel world and broader to be featured on the show and in the case studies.  This is going to be a global show so it doesn’t matter where you are from.

What’s happening next?

There are many moving elements to creating a podcast that I am right in the middle of organising.  The first step has to be to think about format and the outline for season 1.   The rough outline for Season 1 is:

  1. Five ways to build a business without debt
  2. ​Passion: Can you build a business form your passion?
  3. How do I start x Business? The team show you how to start different businesses for free
  4. Sell your value before you create it: deep dive on starting with sales
  5. Ideas & Creativity: how to come up with business ideas
  6. Evaluating ideas: how to choose the business to run
  7. Making things happen: how to get going
  8. Mini-experiments. Fail Fast and Fail Cheap
  9. The Dark Art of Marketing
  10. Sales – how to make money and change the world
  11. Q&A – questions from the series
  12. Failure and how to respond
  13. When to quit – the mini-experiment didn’t work
  14. Success stories: Case Study TBC
  15. Success stories: Case Study TBC
  16. Success Stories: Case Study TBC
  17. Success Stories: Case Study TBC
  18. Biggest Startup Mistakes and how to avoid them
  19. Entrepreneurs guide to investing: FI for Entrepreneurship
  20. Inspiration and where it comes from

I would love to know if you think I have missed anything that you would like to have covered?  Leave a comment or message me with anything you think of!


I am looking for a showrunner to help me with the podcast.  I think this is the most important role in the podcast and someone I would work with closely to pull it together.

I am looking for someone who can work remotely, be self-motivated, have incredible organisation skills and make shit happen! Specifically what would you be doing to start with?

  • Planning the shows with me and having input on content and structure
  • Planning the recording sessions, organising the speakers and making sure everyone is where they need to be and when they need to be.  Co-ordinating calendars and properly planning everything. 
  • Organising the files, photos, promotional materials and more so that everything we need to make this show great is in one place
  • Taking a leading role in pulling together the show

I want this to be a paid role and would prefer it if it was a fixed fee so I know what I am spending.  If you are interested in being involved then drop me a line using the form below. 

Note from the future: This opportunity is no longer available! Sorry!


Alan, you have already hit financial independence. Why are you doing this?

The first reason I am doing this is because I believe people are happier, healthier and more alive when they have a purpose.  I found my purpose some years ago and that was to smash the belief that “it takes money to make money”, change the way entrepreneurship is taught and help people get going without debt.  This podcast is going to help me work on my purpose and passion.

The second is that I can help far more people with a podcast than workshops alone.  In 2018 Rebel helped 2500 people in 44 two-week workshops around the world.  This was a HUGE effort and took 16 people to do!   I remember after a great workshop in Longmont, Pete (MMM) turned to me and said, “Could you imagine Mr Money Mustache if he had gone room to room helping 75 people at a time?”

This really struck me and made me think how I could get my message of hope and prosperity out further into the world and have real impact.  That is why I have been writing movies, working on a TV show and am now doing this podcast.

Thirdly, I live for the emails and message that you send me saying that I and Rebel have helped.  I hope that this podcast truly adds value to your world and you write and tell me about what you do with the ideas within it.

Fancy being involved somehow?

If you want to know when the podcast launches then stick your email into the mailing list below.  If you want to be on the show, give me an idea or something else then use the contact page here. 

Thanks for reading.



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