How much does Rebel Finance School cost?  Katie and I get asked this question all the time and people are always surprised when we say it’s free!  No cost whatsoever!  Just come along and join a group of people working on their finances together.

We explain that the course and all the content we make is our way of giving back and helping people.  We reached Financial Independence in 2019 and then started Rebel Finance School to have purpose in “retirement” and to help people.


People look a bit confused at this point, but accept there is no cost. They are just wary of the upsell which they keep expecting to come but never does. Eventually they believe us and realise we just want to help and don’t expect anything in return!

​But there is a cost to Rebel Finance School.  There is a cost to running it, from websites to domain names to mailing list software and more.  How much does it actually cost to run Rebel Finance School?

The true cost of Rebel Finance School

Katie and I got curious this year about how much we were spending to run the course.  In the first year it cost us a basic Zoom subscription, a domain name and web hosting.  We didn’t have to pay for Mailchimp (the software we use to email you) as we were under the 2,000 subscriber free limit!  Yay!

We helped 133 people in the first year. It was an awesome course and we learnt so much. You can see in our latest Rebel Finance School update that this year we have helped 6,504 people and counting!

Over the four years we’ve been running it, we have increased the number of people coming to the course by a factor of 50!  The services we need to run the course have expanded with that.

Our mailing list is now 15,000 people and that is after we cleaned the list and removed the 7,000 people who haven’t opened our emails in months! Mailchimp alone costs us nearly £250 a month. I KNOW!

Don’t worry we are going to change mailing list providers and are currently deciding on the best option.

Katie and I built a spreadsheet this week where we tracked down all the costs and started to list them out… Yes we track our spending in all areas of our lives!

  • Mailchimp (£250 a month)
  • Zoom (£59 a month)
  • Domain Names
  • Graphic design work for the promotional materials and some of the slides
  • Virtual assistants to create the videos and more projects
  • Etc. etc. etc!

What do you think it cost us to run Rebel Finance School this year?

​We were SHOCKED when we found out

The total cost of running Rebel Finance School this year was:


How did we pay for this?  We ran an event called Chautauqua which generated some profits that we used to pay for this work and the business I co-founded, the Rebel School, paid for some of it as well.  In summary, our entrepreneurial efforts gave us the cash to do all this.

YouTube Millionaires?!

This year our YouTube channel became big enough that we could turn on monetisation meaning we can make money from the videos we release.  We hesitated as we thought “would we be pure if we took the money?”

Well, YouTube runs adverts before our videos whether we accept the cash or not.  So we turned it on and just told everyone to ignore the adverts on our channel! We have absolutely no control over what adverts YouTube chooses to show you!

A few days later, Katie checked the stats.  She was so excited!  We made £1 that day!  We couldn’t believe we made our first £1 in a day!  That would add up to £365 if we kept that rate up!

We spent the day thinking about YouTube Shorts and becoming YouTube Millionaires!

We have had the monetisation turned on to a low level ever since and guess how much we made from the 105,000 views the course got?

£782 profit!  YAY

Not bad but not really going to cover the costs of the course!

Sponsorship? Affiliate links?

Katie and I are going to keep running the course, keep giving it away.  It will ALWAYS be free.  Just like Rebel Business School.  We have run hundreds of Rebel Business Schools around the world, helped countless thousands of people and every course has always been FREE for the people that attend.

We do know that we need to plug the leaks.  If this was our household budget you can be assured we wouldn’t be operating at a loss!

Why am I telling you all this?

People are always curious as to why we do the course, why we give it away and how it all works!  I wanted to be transparent with you and share the numbers, what we spend and where we are going with things.

You might be thinking that we’re telling you this because we’re about to start charging you for stuff, upselling you and goodness knows what else. Let me assure you…


The way things are going with the current model, Rebel Finance School is NOT sustainable. We have a massive negative gap between income and spending! Something has to change.

We teach don’t have a negative gap on the course we are operating our project that way!

We are going to start, in the coming months, doing things to make some money in ways that don’t affect the integrity of the course or you.

Maybe we’ll be a bit smarter with affiliate links, maybe we’ll get some corporate sponsorship (without letting it affect our message or our impartiality), we’ll improve our SEO so more people find us, more people watch our videos and we increase our YouTube revenue.

​ None of these will cost you anything. This is turning into a big operation and we have big plans for reaching more people and helping you with more with better resources. All this costs money and we’ll be looking for ways to cover it. Once again…


If you want to know more about the future of Rebel Finance School and our plans read the Rebel Finance School Update here.

Thanks for supporting us, giving us feedback, liking our videos and more.  It means a HUGE amount.

​Sending you happiness from Poland

Alan and Katie

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