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Announcing The Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast launching on the 4th of May in partnership with ChooseFI Radio. After months of planning and preparation we have a launch date and Season 1 outline: we are ready to go!   This is it, launch time!

Alan Donegan podcasting and preapring for the Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast

Alan recording an podcast and getting ready for the Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast
Why am I doing this?  Because I want to further the Rebel mission of giving away the very best entrepreneurial education for free for all of you.  I want to help you and everyone to build businesses and make your own income, without debt! I want to help you get going, and this gives me a platform to share what I have learnt and help more people.  Taking the Rebel message globally.

To be an entrepreneur you have to be a little bit of a Rebel.  You have to do things differently, you have to take risks other people aren’t willing to take, and you need to be brave enough to take action.

For years I have battled against the traditional plan that the world has for us:

  • Go to school, get good grades
  • Go to university, get good grades.  Get heavily into debt
  • Get a good graduate job
  • Buy a house
  • Get a pet to prove you are capable of having kids
  • Get promoted and spend the money on more stuff
  • Buy a bigger house
  • Buy a bigger car
  • Have kids
  • Work for 50 years
  • Retire
  • Die

It just didn’t feel right to me; but everyone one around me was telling me to get a good job and keep my head down.  My granny just kept telling me to get a job and “stick at it”, and the more the world told me to keep my head down the more lost and uncomfortable I felt.

You probably already know the story of Rebel.  I went for help from the British government to start a business. They told me to write a business plan and get a load of debt, and did more to put me off starting than they did to help me.

I spent the next 12 years of my life thinking, studying, learning about business, and searching for a better way to start up.  I didn’t want debt.  Debt had ripped my family apart and destroyed my family home and I wasn’t willing to do it.

This search enabled me to build my own successful training business and then to take those skills and launch Rebel Business School, which now operates in 5 different countries around the world and helps thousands of people a year to build businesses without debt.

The belief that it takes money to make money traps people around the world from ever taking control of their future and making their own money.  This is the belief that I want to fundamentally destroy with this podcast and empower you to get going debt-free!


Does it really take money to make money?

The purpose of the podcast?

To take everything I have learnt over the last 12 years of building businesses and to give it all away for FREE.  Everything I can.

I am going to do it with the other trainers at Rebel, Sean, KC, Paul, my business partner Simon, and we are going to take our combined decades of experience and give it to you for free.

This is an effort to put out into the world the support I wish I had when I was starting my business.  I want to do what I felt the British government was never able to do and that is to help people start up without debt and make money doing something they love.

If you need help with your business, motivation, inspiration and energy, then this podcast is for you.  We are working on it right now!

How can you get involved?

The purpose of this podcast is to help you.  I am planning several episodes that will be answering audience Q&As and that is the best way you can help me get going.  If there is a business that you want to start but don’t know how to do it for free then record me a voicemail and I will answer.  If there is something you don’t understand about business then message!  If there is something that is stopping you then message and we will work out how to get over it, round it, or through it!

The page to leave me a voicemail is hosted on the ChooseFI website where the podcast will be hosted.  Click on the button below to go there now and leave me a voicemail.

I am on lockdown in New Orleans at the moment (heading back to the UK soon) so have nothing but time to help you to get your ideas and businesses ready for when this virus is gone.  Let me help!

What and who is ChooseFI?

ChooseFI is a financial independence podcast that was launched in 2017 by Brad and Jonathan to help people build wealth and take control of their finances through financial literacy.

I made friends with Brad and Jonathan and was featured on Episode 30: The Side Hustle: The unspoken lever of FI which was an incredibly popular early episode.  Since then I have been on many episodes.  You can find the full list here.  

Jonathan approached me late in 2019 and asked if I wanted to launch an entrepreneurial podcast with them and I said yes without hesitation.  What they have created at ChooseFI, hitting one million downloads a month recently and the lives they have changed for the better, inspired me.

Together, I think we can reach a lot of people and help them to make their own income without going into debt.  I am so proud to be partnering with Brad, Jonathan, Ed, and the whole team at ChooseFI.   I can’t wait to get going.

May the 4th launch

The Rebel Entrepreneur is going to launch on the 4th of May (yes I am a geek)  and I will email you again before then and probably ask for help promoting.

Until then the thing I would love you to do to help me get going is to send me a voicemail and ask me your questions.  Those questions are going to drive the content of Season 1 and help me to make it as valuable as I possibly can for you. Click on the link below, visit ChooseFI’ website and leave me a voicemail please!

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