Have you ever thought about writing a book?  Thought that you have a story to tell the world and wanted to get it out there?

I have had those thoughts for years and I’ve even had a few failed attempts to do it.  One of those attempts got me fired! But that’s a story for another day.


My goal for 2022 is to write a book and I wondered if you would help me with a little mini-experiment to start with?

The challenge of a book

One of the key principles of Rebel Business School is to sell your value before you create it.  You need to know if the audience actually wants the product or service that you are planning on creating.

Most people do the opposite of this key principle; they design and print 1000 t-shirts for sale, they spend months and months writing training courses or they open up the restaurant and go hundreds of thousands of pounds into debt before even making a sale!

I want to avoid making this mistake and try to live up to the principles that Simon and I created.  On that note, I have have spent a few weeks coming up with ideas for the book and the contents.  I have boiled this down to the messages I want to deliver and then a table of contents.  For each chapter I have have created 10-20 possible titles and then narrowed that down to five.

What I would love you to do is help me choose which ones are the best.  Most people write their book in isolation and then wonder what response they are going to get when they launch it!  I don’t want to do that; I want to know if you care about what I am going to write about before I spend a year of my life creating it!

What do you think?

Please can you look at the below chapter titles. There are 5-7 possible titles for each potential chapter for the book; and go with your gut choosing the one you would most like to read.

For each chapter which one would you most like to read?  Which one gets you the most excited?

THANK YOU.  I really appreciate you filling out the form and helping me with my new book.

This is all part of an up coming coaching series I am going to do on the podcast.  I am so excited about it.  I am starting to get more strategic with my content that I create for you over the long term.

Coaching Series

I don’t know if you have seen it, but for the last couple of years I have been doing coaching series on the podcast where I work with an entrepreneur in a different area to start or grow their business. It has been a  huge amount of fun.

In the first season Christina had a photography business as a side hustle and during the twelve episodes she battles with whether to quit her full time job and go all in or photography or not.  It is an epic journey!

​The first four seasons of the coaching series are:


Coaching Season 1: Christina works to take her photography business from side-hustle to full time business.


Coaching Season 2: Jaymie struggles to work out where to focus with her art and if it will ever be a full time gig for her.


Coaching Season 3: Andrew works to build his fitness YouTube channel and start to monetise it on his journey to Financial Independence


Coaching Season 4: Keith has dreamt of owning a restaurant for years and has run multiple mini-experiments.  Now he is ready to launch his own food truck!

Future coaching seasons

I am already working on the next 4 seasons! I’ve recorded most of 3 of them and I am 4 episodes into the 4th one.  That 4th one is going to have a twist as it’s me being coached. J. Thorn is taking over the podcast to coach me to write a book!  This is one of the biggest mini-experiments I have undertaken so far.

J has sold over 185,000 books world wide and coaches people to transform from struggling writer to career author.  So I am super excited to see how this mini-experiment goes and I will be sharing everything on the blog and the podcast as we do it!

Thank you

Thank you for being part of the Rebel family, reading my blog and for giving me feedback.  I really appreciate it. Katie and I have a lot planned for you on the blog and have YouTube videos, an ESG article and so much more coming your way.

Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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