Start your own business

Do you have to write a business plan, borrow money and take on debt to launch a successful business?

Let us show you another way… how to start quickly, make sales and build profit.

96% of businesses fail with 10 years. Do you want average results?

Start your own business without debt, on your terms

I went to Business Link (a British Agency funded by the government) for help starting my business. They sent me on three workshops:

  • How to write a business plan – sound exciting to you?!

  • Finance – code word for debt

  • Marketing – how to create a business card and flyers.

​​The workshops did more to put me off starting a business than they did to help me!

After this experience I didn’t think my business idea would work. I was left paralysed and wondering if my dream of building my own business was even possible. This sent me on a journey trying to discover how you make money without borrowing money.

Years of research later and I discovered that the traditional approach had things backwards and there was a way to create profit quickly, sell before you create and build non-traditional businesses that give you an awesome lifestyle.

Once I had built my own business, started making good money and learnt to enjoy sales I found a desire to pass on what I had learned. I founded Rebel Business School in 2012 with my business partner Simon to teach debt free start-up, to change the way entrepreneurship is taught and help people make their own money.

In the years since, we have taught 30,000 people face-to-face in 11 countries and built a global movement empowering people to launch their own start-ups.

Where do I start?

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Rebel Business School

Making it possible to earn money doing what you love.

Whether you’re an artist or accountant, baker or bricklayer, our award-winning FREE business courses and events will help you create the life you want to live.

Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast

The Rebel Methodology in a podcast. Listen whilst at the gym or commuting. We cover things like:

  • how to launch your business with no money

  • sales tips

  • marketing advice

  • coaching sessions

  • and more!

The podcast is the quickest and easiest way to get started today.

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