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Rebel Finance School

​In this FREE 10 week course, you’ll learn how take control of your money and create a consistent gap between what you earn and what you spend. We’ll show you how to use this gap to pay off any debt and to invest and save for the awesome future and retirement you deserve.

You might be thinking “retirement is a LONG way off, I’ll think about that later”. The earlier you start the better off you will be. Let’s start working on this as soon as possible.

“Why and how is the course free? Are you just going to sell to me non-stop?”

We sorted out our money and this is our gift to the world. We want to share with you what we’ve learned and help you figure out your finances. We don’t expect anything in return other than you taking action and improving your life!

The Extraordinary life course

What does extraordinary mean to you? What life do you want to live? Who do you want to surround yourself with? What do you want to do with your valuable time and energy?

Join us to answer these questions and figure out what you want your life to be like. We’ll smash through any barriers stopping you from getting there and show you how to consistently take action towards it every day.

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We’re planning an Extraordinary Life Course in late 2024/early 2025. Put your details in below and we’ll let you know when we launch the course!

Past Courses

Excel for Beginners

Do numbers, maths and spreadsheets scare you? You are in the right place. Join Katie for this Excel for Beginners course that will guide you through open, creating and using spreadsheets!