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Join Alan and Katie Donegan of the Rebel Finance School, along with special guest Brad from ChooseFI, for a live Q&A session on practical prosperity. Learn how to apply Rebel Finance School principals in the USA, and get started investing in low-cost index funds. This session has a special focus on how all this works in the USA as well as Brad’s insights into Financial Independence, Investing and more. Bring your questions and get support securing your financial future and enjoying the magic of compounding

Brad Barrett: After years in public accounting as a CPA, Brad reached financial independence at the age of 35 through diligent savings and investing. Brad Is passionate about everything from saving money, to living a more healthy lifestyle, to ‘boring’ things like tracking your finances and cutting down on your tax bill. But his favourite topic is leveraging credit card rewards to save more money, and take trips you never would have dreamed possible for pennies on the dollar.

ChooseFI Podcast: ChooseFI: The Financial Independence Community


Wednesday 31st July 8pm Central USA time (6pm Pacific time, 9pm Eastern time)

This is middle of the night UK time (2am Thursday 1st August)

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