Excel for Beginners

Do you want to feel empowered and confident with spreadsheets? Join Katie on this 6-week free course to demystify and upskill to unlock your spreadsheet power!

Excel for Beginners

Do you want to feel empowered and confident with spreadsheets? Join Katie on this 6-week free course to demystify and upskill to unlock your spreadsheet power!

About the course

After running Rebel Finance School for 4 years and Rebel Business School for 12, we have noticed that people have a, shall we say, “difficult” relationship with spreadsheets. They open up a spreadsheet, get overwhelmed, confused and frustrated that they can’t make it do what they want to do and they throw their laptop out of the window in anger and rage!

Our mission is to help people create their version of an extraordinary life. Finances and numbers are a big part of that. Over the years Katie has learnt how to use Excel in her job as an actuary, then as CFO for Rebel Business School and now in monitoring and looking after the Donegan finances!

She has decided to create an Excel for Beginners guide to help you take control of your finances, get on top of your numbers, run your business or maybe plan you wedding (yes you can do pretty much anything in Excel!).

​This 6 week course will run every Tuesday night on YouTube Live starting Tuesday 12th September 2023. We are doing it as a YouTube so you can watch it at your own convenience or just come back and watch it again when you want a reminder of how to do something! They’ll be short sessions at around 15 to 30 minutes each time.

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No need to register for the course, just click on the videos below to join in!

This page will house all the resources and links to the videos.

Week 1: Spreadsheets Demystified

Join Katie Donegan in Week 1 of our Excel beginner’s course as she demystifies the world of spreadsheets. In this session, you’ll grasp the fundamental concepts of what a spreadsheet is and why it’s crucial. Katie will guide you through navigating a spreadsheet with confidence, ensuring you never feel lost again. Get ready to embark on your spreadsheet journey!

Week 2: Fearless Data Entry & Stylish Formatting

Welcome back to Week 2 with Katie Donegan! In this session, you’ll learn the art of data entry and formatting without breaking a sweat. Katie will show you how to create spreadsheets effortlessly, and how to have the text and numbers looking exactly how you want them! Say hello to the start of beautiful looking spreadsheets and efficient data management.

Week 3: Formulas Made Simple

​Week 3 is all about conquering formulas with Katie Donegan. Bid farewell to calculator woes as you dive into the world of Excel formulas. Discover the thrill of using functions like SUM and more at your fingertips. By the end of this week, you’ll be a formula pro!

Week 4: Organise Like a Pro

Join Katie Donegan in Week 4 to master the art of organisation in Excel. No more data chaos! Learn how to sort, filter, and organise your information like a pro. Katie will also show you how to add flair to your spreadsheets with further cell formatting and more. Get ready to transform your data into a masterpiece.

Bonus optional video! The power of SUMIF

In week 4 I showed you that when you sort the data some of your formulas can get messed up! The way around this is to use a SUMIF formula rather than referring to individual cells. Check out this bonus video to show you how to do that. It’s a bit more advanced so please ignore if it’s too much!

Week 5: Visualise your Data

advanced version

**WARNING!!** This week was a little bit more advanced so I’ve done a simplified version. Please check that one out below if you’re a complete beginner!

In Week 5, Katie Donegan will help you turn your data into captivating charts and graphs. You’ll learn how to choose the right one for you and how to get insights from your data. Visualise your success with Katie as she guides you through this exciting week of the course.

Week 5: Visualise your Data

Beginners’ version

In my eagerness to help and share my love of charts in Excel I tried to pack in too much! Week 5 YouTube live was a bit more advanced than beginner.

I’ve had another go and I’ve done a simplified video with some simplified data. I forgot my own brief of Excel for Beginners and went too in depth. This is a shorter, more concise video. Here’s the file to follow along:

Week 6: Beyond Basics

Welcome to the final week of our Excel beginner’s course with Katie Donegan. In Week 6, you’ll dive deeper into Excel’s capabilities. Understand cell references, copying formulas, and explore more advanced functions. Get excited about learning more and discover how to bend spreadsheets to your will. The possibilities are endless!

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Feedback and future videos

Please tell me what you thought of the Excel course. Did I cover the important points? Was there something missing? How was the pace? What more would you like to see covered? This is my first time running the course and I’d love to know how to improve it!

If you’ve filled in the certificate form you had an opportunity to tell me this. If you have anything else you’d like to tell me, please send me a message.

I’m planning more spreadsheet videos. What would you like to know how to do? What have you struggled with in the past and would like me to explain? Anything at all, including simple how-to questions or more advanced topics

Please let me know by sending me an email.

Next steps

Now that you’ve completed the course and got the basics covered why not put your new skills to the test and follow along with the Forecasting your Financial Future workshop?! Watch the workshop here: