What’s in an index fund? The FTSE Global All Cap fund

What’s in the fund?

The boxes represent each company that’s in the fund. The different colours are different countries. Hover over the boxes to see the company name, which country it’s in and what percentage of the fund it is.

Which countries are in the fund?

Hover over the map to see which countries are represented in the fund

Now you get to play!

Pick the country you’re interested in and it will show you just those companies

Notes to Tableau team

I was going to have just one dashboard with 2 elements 1. the treemap and 2. a clickable whole world map where the country you click on filters on just that country but I changed to these 3 separate things for a couple of reasons

1. My design skills need some work. Not sure how to get the map and treemap both looking nice next to each other/one on top of the other in the same data visualisation/dashboard.

2. In order to get the dynamic response in the dashboard (the third visualisation above), where it says Country has X companies in the fund representing Y% of the fund, I had to just have that country showing in the visualisation, otherwise annoyingly it showed a range of number of countries and range of percentages of the companies in that country.

Ideally I would have the final dashboard showing the whole world map, rather than zooming into the country itself (not sure how useful it is to see the zoomed in country out of context of the whole world map). However, having the whole world map in the dashboard randomly changed it to super teeny weeny in relation to the treemap. I need to work on my dashboard design skills!

Oh and weirdly, the top down approach (looking at the country split on this page) and the bottom up approach (the visualisations on this page) give slightly different answers for the percentage by country e.g. USA is 62.1% in top down approach and 59.7% in bottom up approach). WEIRD

Possible things to develop…

a) could make a dashboard like the one at the bottom of this page with the dropdown for the country: https://rebeldonegans.com/vtsax/

b)add in a sector split

c) do the same as this for other funds e.g. FTSE Dev world ex UK, Lifestyle strategy fund (to show the home bias)

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Katie :)