Debt Attack Calculator

You have debt, it happens to the best of us. Time to forgive past you and work together to get out of it as quickly as possible. This page has the debt attack calculator on it. This calculator is meant to be used with the debt attack strategy, which Katie and I created to help people out of debt as quickly as possible.

If you haven’t read the article start here and then come back and use this calculator to crunch your numbers and work out how quickly you can get out of debt and on with building your financial fortress!

We want to help you get straight into playing with the numbers so here is the calculator. If you want more help using it then scroll down to find a how-to YouTube video guide and a FAQ.

We have a spreadsheet download version of the calculator available too, just keep scrolling down!

Spreadsheet version of the calculator

Want to be able to play with the figures some more, see a full payment plan for each debt and play with varying future payments? We got you! You can download the full version of the spreadsheet here and have a play.

Calculator Video Guide

Katie and I filmed a video guide showing you how to use the calculator. Watch the video to the right to show you how to use the calculator and interpret its results.

In this video we show you:

The video is coming soon. We are producing it this week.

Full debt workshop

We know that debt is a huge challenge that many people face and we want to do everything we can to support you.

Here the full Debt Attack workshop that we produced as part of Rebel Finance School. It will show you the power of compounding and how it works for you when you have investments and against you when you have debt. It will show you how we get into debt and how to get out of it. Our hope is that you use this calculator alongside the workshop and guides to get to grips with your debt as quickly as possible. We are here to support you. Alan and Katie

Frequently asked questions

Debt is a tough one. There is not only maths at play but a lot of emotion. We want to help you with both. If you have questions about debt or the calculator use this form to submit them. Read on to find the most commonly asked questions and our support in dealing with them.

Student debt is a complex subject with a lot of moving elements as the government changes interest rates and schemes.  Read this article for our latest content.

No tool can reflect the real word perfectly and we had to make some assumptions to be able to make this tool work!

It doesn’t include/allow for…

  • early repayment penalties
  • putting additional spending/balances onto any of the debts
  • the fact that your minimum payments may change over the course of your debt
  • changing interest rates over the course of your debt

You can download the full spreadsheet and have a play with the figures more if you wish!

You don’t need the spreadsheet download, you can play with the tool on this page. The spreadsheet takes things a little further than the tool on this page. You can see the full payment plan and how much to pay towards each of your debts each month and it also lets you play with changing future payments


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