Course Notes

Ready to take control of your finances? This is where you’ll find the Rebel Finance School weekly videos, notes and bonus content.

Course notes

Ready to take control of your finances? This is where you’ll find the Rebel Finance School weekly videos, notes and bonus content

Rebel Finance School 2024

Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here! Since you’re here you should already be signed up to Rebel Finance School 2024. This page gives you access to all the course videos, weekly notes and materials in one place. If you haven’t signed up and aren’t receiving the course emails please sign up here:

Course details and joining instructions

The course runs every Monday 8pm UK time for 10 weeks from 10th June 2024 to 12th August 2024.

You can join this year’s course in two places… Zoom and YouTube.

We outgrew Zoom which can only hold 300 people in a meeting (without significant extra cost) so we hold the traditional Zoom meeting and broadcast to YouTube Live simultaneously so we can accommodate everyone on the course.

The first 300 people will be able to get into the Zoom meeting and then if it is full you will be able to watch and interact live on YouTube. The benefit of joining Zoom is you will be able to interact with us and ask questions plus we can see your faces! Don’t worry only our screen will be sent to YouTube live.

The YouTube feed is automatically recorded so if you miss a week or can’t make it live you can catch up on each week and you can find the week you missed by clicking on the relevant week below. All content is recorded for you.

New for this year (exciting!), we’ll be running a Q&A every Thursday evening at 8pm UK time.

In the past we’ve done the content and Q&A in one go but that turned into mammoth 3 to 4 hour sessions that tired everyone out! This way you’ll have time to digest the content, do some of the homework (yes, there is homework during the course!) and come along with questions later in the week. If you have a question for the Q&A Session submit it with this form


The Zoom details are always the same for every Monday, Thursday and bonus session.

If the zoom meeting is full please log into the YouTube Live on the right and join us that way.

Meeting URL:

Meeting ID: 885 3839 0767

Passcode: 071628

Looking to catch up on previous weeks?

You can find all the videos from previous weeks under the course notes for each week OR under the RFS 2024 YouTube playlist

You Tube

Week 5. Money talks

Week 5 of the course is all about how to align on the subject of money with the people you care about. We also cover practical steps to staying on track. We have 2 sessions this week:

  1. Money talks. Main content
  2. Money talks. Special guest Aaron Thomas on how to have strong money relationships followed by Q&A with Aaron, Katie and Alan

Bonus events

We have loads of cool bonus sessions as well as the main content and the weekly Q&A. We’re so excited to share this with you. You can find a full calendar of all the Monday, Thursday and bonus events here…

Course videos and weekly notes

Week 1
Mind the Gap: Unleash Your Financial Superhero

In this week’s course we look at spending, tools, tracking and personal finance / money management skills. Let’s work out how big your gap is!

Week 2
Net-Worth Knockout: Build Your Financial Fortress

This week you’ll learn about tracking your finances, what to measure, assets and liabilities and other core personal finance principles that are going to set us up for a bright financial future.

Week 3
Money Mindset Makeover: Craft Your Financial Identity

It is our thinking that creates our behaviours, actions and results.  If we can change our thinking around money we can change our financial destiny.

Week 4
Debt Demolition: Strategies to Blast your Balances

We discuss how companies put you into debt, how they market it, profit from it and how you can avoid it.

Week 5
Money Talks: Master the Art of Financial Communication

We learn how to talk about money with the people around you and start working as a team.

Week 6
Investing Unleashed: Assets, Liabilities, and the Stock Market Showdown

Introduction to assets, diversification and – what are stocks and shares?!

Week 7
Index Investing: The Silent Giant of Long-Term Wealth

​This week we bring together all of the questions about investing from last week and work it into a simple strategy that we can all follow to buy assets over time and create passive income for ourselves.

Week 8
Practical Prosperity: Opening Accounts, Reducing Tax and Getting Started

This week we learn how to buy your first assets and start investing, how to plan for your retirement and work out when you can retire.

Week 9
Future-Proof Your Finances: Stress-Testing Your Wealth and Winning the Money Game

Learn the math behind retirement, explore the 4% rule, and utilise Katie’s retirement calculator to plan your future.

Week 10
FIRE Finale: Igniting Your Financial Independence and Embracing Happiness

Reflect on the insightful financial journey, learn from Mr Money Mustache’s 17 years of retired wisdom, and absorb the Donegans’ closing messages.

Bonus Week: How To Read Your Pension Statements

Is reading your pension statements like reading another language? Take charge by understanding your pension documents and taking control of your financial future.

Bonus: How Big Is Your Gap Calculator?

This video explains how to use the “How big is your gap” calculator

Other Resources

Fill in the Pre-work form

Ask your questions in our Google Form

Retirement calculator – Coming Soon

Beginners Guide to Vanguard – Coming Soon

Property ROE Calculator – Coming Soon

How the course runs

The Rebel Finance School is a 10 week course designed to give you everything we wish we had known when we started getting our finances in order. Each week we will run a 90 minute session on Zoom and streamed to YouTube live where you can interact with us, learn and ask questions.

We run the course via Zoom/YouTube live so you can join from wherever you are in the world. On the last course we had people from 43 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Colombia, Namibia, Lichtenstein, New Zealand and more. Join a truly global group of people working to take control of their finances. And if you can’t make the dates and times, you’ll be able to catch up on YouTube at your convenience!

We mind mapped out everything we have learnt across the last decade of working diligently on our finances and have condensed it into this course.

Following each module there is a set of homework designed to move your finances and thinking forward. We follow up each module with a follow-up email, course, materials and spreadsheet templates designed to help you get going quickly!

Since the first course we have been building more resources to supplement the course and help you make progress.

As we go through the course, if you think we have missed anything, we want you to tell us!