Are you already a millionaire?

In some countries, you might have already hit 7 digits!

Are you already a millionaire?

In some countries, you might have already hit 7 digits!

Do you want to be a millionaire?

Katie and I arrived in Colombia and I happened to be looking at Lego on Amazon. Obviously. I looked at the prices and was shocked! It told me that it was $270,821 for one of the Marvel Lego sets. I nearly had a heart attack.

It took me a few moments to realise that the Colombia Peso uses the dollar sign for it’s currency too and Amazon was showing me the price in my local currency! Even so, how many pesos were there to £1 Great British pound? At that point the exchange rate was £1 = $5100 pesos . I immediately wondered how much we were worth in pesos!

I worked it out by multiplying our net-worth in pounds by 5,100 and it put a huge smile on my face. Well it did after working out how to read a number that size. Do you know how many pounds or dollars you need to be a Colombian millionaire?

If you have £200 GBP you are a millionaire in Colombian Pesos

If you have $265 USD you are a millionaire in Colombian Pesos

We then started to wonder how much do you need to have in £/$ to be millionaires in other countries.

A fun game

With our friends Kristy and Bryce it became a fun game to see which countries we were millionaires in and aim to get to millionaire status in the next one.

We thought it might be a fun game for you to play to find out where you are already a millionaire. Did you know that if you have £10 or $13 you are already a millionaire in one country? Can you guess which?

Katie LOVES data so she went off and found a way to collate all the currencies in the world and then display them on a map with a funky tool! The tool below will tell you where you are a millionaire already, display it on a map and tell you the number of countries! If you are nearly a millionaire in any country (more than 900k) it will show that country in orange on the map.

Have a go now. Use the map below. Instructions are as follows (or there’s a short video explanation at the top of this page):

1. Type your net worth into the first box and then hit return. If you need help working out your net-worth click here.

2. Choose your currency from the drop down box.
The default is GBP (Great British Pounds). We’ve included the most common currencies for Rebel Finance School attendees (hello friends from India!). If your currency isn’t listed you can either message us and we’ll add it or use a currency converter to convert your currency to GBP and put the converted amount in box 1.

If might take a second to load. You need to be patient as it goes off and does a LOT of sums in the back ground to create you the map so you have to wait a few seconds. So do steps 1 and 2, meditate for ten seconds, sing happy birthday or do a hand stand and then when you look back you will have a map showing you which countries you are already a millionaire in!

If you’ve having trouble using the tool we made you a video to explain how to use it. Scroll down!

Monthly inspiration

As you know Katie and I are big fans of having a monthly finance meeting where you track your net-worth (what get’s measured gets improved!) and work out where all your money has gone this month. We thought it might make it fun for you to come back to this page each month, insert your updated number and find out if you are a millionaire in any new countries!

Book mark the page and come back every single month. You could even create a line in your net-worth tracker to insert the number of countries you are a millionaire in so you can see it change over time! I wish we had done that now! It would be a cool chart after a few years. We’ve added a line for this to the latest version of the net-worth tracker template which you can find in this page here.

If you have £10/$13 then you are already on the chart. If you keep investing, saving and growing your money you will be amazed at how fast you make progress!

Let us know what you think

We would love to know what you think. If you have any questions or can think of improvements or have ideas then please fill them in on this form: send them to us here.