How do you track your net worth?

Net worth is one of the key numbers to work out each month as part of your monthly finance meeting. Why bother? Well here at Rebel Finance School we strongly believe that…

what gets measured gets improved

Just the act of looking at your net worth each month means you can’t help but make improvements towards making it bigger!

If you don’t know where you are, and where you’re starting, how do you know how to improve it?

Is this your approach to your money?

Let's take a look at where you are with your money

Hang on a minute! What’s this net worth thingymejig?

Please have a read of our page explaining all about it!

Ok, tell me how to track it please!

Let’s not over complicate things here! At it’s heart, your net worth is simply a list of what you have and what you owe. You could work this out with good old fashioned pen and paper. You could have a dedicated notebook where you work it out each month.

We’ve made you a free handy spreadsheet template below or you can use your own spreadsheet if you like.

I don’t care how you do it, I just care that you do it!

Download the net worth calculator

Katie, the biggest data and spreadsheet geek I know, has been hard at work creating a free calculator for you to download. Scroll down for a video guide of how to use the calculator.

Disclaimer: we have built this spreadsheet to give you a starting point. You need to go through it, update it, change it for your personal situation and make sure all the formulas tot up correctly. Neither Katie or I are trained finance professionals. We have created this for you to use and make no guarantees and do not update this regularly

That being said here is the spreadsheet. We would LOVE it if you downloaded it and had a go at calculating your net-worth and then tracking it over time! The first step to change is knowing where you are currently.

Currently we only have an Excel version of the calculator. If you don’t have Excel on your computer you can use Microsoft’s free online version

We have a Numbers version and a Google sheets version coming soon!

Are you a millionaire without realising it?

We’ve added an optional extra fun game into the template where you can work out if you’re a millionaire without realising it! Learn more here…

Video guide

What next?!

Download the template above and starting adding in your numbers each month! What gets measured gets improved so lets start measuring.

We want to you to be able to take control of your financial destiny and create a bright future for yourself and your family.

The first step is to calculate and track your net-worth each month. What gets measured gets improved.

Get to work!

Love Alan and Katie​


We have an FAQ on the How much are you worth page

If you have any questions about the template that haven’t been answered, please ask us

PS we hope you have as much fun as we do working this stuff out

​This is us at one of our month end finance meetings

The Donegans out for breakfast and their monthly finance meeting