The True Cost Of A Weekly Expense

It is amazing how many subscriptions we all end up having. We subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, vegetable boxes, insurance and more.

Have you ever checked your banking app or credit card for the recurring regular payments? If not, break out your banking app / credit card app now and check to see what you are subscribing to.

What would happen to your finances if you cancelled those subscriptions, stopped buying those coffees during the week and invested the money instead?

The rule of 840

The rule of 840 show the true cost of weekly expenses over 10 years, if you had invested the money instead.

Multiply a WEEKLY cost by 840 to see the true cost over 10 years.

Examples of weekly costs might be:

  • newspaper subscriptions
  • magazines
  • coffee
  • or other things.

Let’s imagine

Let’s imagine you were spending £50 a week on a vegetable box from a local supplier and you changed to getting it from Lidl instead.

You might save £10 a week on vegetables. If you took that £10 saving and invested it you would have £8,400 (£10 * 840)!


This relies on you saving/investing the money you save, not just spending it on something else!