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Design the life of your dreams

The life you want to live is possible. How?! We’ll show you! Learn how to build the life of your dreams with the Extraordinary Life Course!

Design the life of your dreams

The life you want to live is possible. How?! We’ll show you! Learn how to build the life of your dreams with the Extraordinary Life Course!

The Extraordinary Belongs to Those That Create It

When you were at school did someone come into your class and ask you if you wanted an extraordinary life? They didn’t at ours! The extraordinary belongs to those that create it. It is not handed out; it is not bestowed on a special few; you build it.

There is a process to creation. It takes time to build things, but it can be done. Every day we imagine what we want life to be like and create it in terms of our relationships, home, environment, even what we eat. We just don’t take the time to imagine bigger and create the life we actually want to live.

The reason we don’t is the standard life plan that we have been made to believe leads to success. Get good grades, get a good job, buy as big a house as you can, keep your head down and work and that will lead to happiness and success. It is one of the biggest lies out there.

Katie and Alan managed to break loose from the standard life plan and from the judgement for not following it, to create our version of an extraordinary life. We are financially independent, travel the world and use our time to help people wherever we go.

This is our version of extraordinary. The question is “What is extraordinary for you? What life do you want to lead?”

The Extraordinary Life Course

How it works:

Our online course consists of five sessions of practical and easy-to-digest content giving you everything you need to create an extraordinary year.

The five sessions are best spread out over 5 weeks.

Through the course, you’ll learn to:

  • Work out what extraordinary means to you and how to start working towards it
  • Set yourself up for an incredible year to give yourself the best possible chance of creating the life you want
  • Learn the art of mini-experiments and apply it to your life
  • Setting goals and how to stay on track
  • Create an accountability group and work closely with them to make shit happen
  • Learn the power of action and how to create it
  • Have fun on the journey of creation not just waiting for happiness at the end of the success rainbow

Session 1: Current Reality

Understanding where you are right now will help you as you start planning and setting up your extraordinary life.

Session 2: What does Extraordinary mean to you?

Mini-experiments, choosing a direction and creating your vision of extraordinary.

Session 3: Obliterate Barriers!

This session is all about overcoming the barriers that prevent us from getting to the life we actually want to live. Take action, make things happen and create momentum!

Session 4: True Self Care

True self care isn’t about bubble baths and chocolates! Learn about overcoming challenges, the Disney creative strategy and the power of masterminds.

Session 5: From Dreams to Action

Week 5 is all about making it happen, taking that dream, that vision and turning it into reality. After of decades of working out the quickest way to make projects into a reality, the Donegans and Simon share everything they know.

Alan Donegan, Mr Money Mustache and Mr1500 running the Extraordinary Weekend in Longmont Colorado

How the course came about

Katie and Alan ran part of the course for the first time for a select group in Longmont, Colorado at the Mr Money Mustache Headquarters and further refined the course in Colombia earlier this year. Now they are ready to share it online for the first time. These are the tools, techniques and ideas that Simon, and Alan have used to create a world-wide movement at Rebel Business School and that Katie and Alan have used to achieve financial independence and build Rebel Finance School during the pandemic.

We have built something extraordinary. Now we want to help you work out what extraordinary means to you and then help you build it.

One outcome of the course might be that you are already living your dream life and that outcome can change everything.

In the first course Alan ran on this subject a lady stopped him mid-workshop, shouting “I don’t want extraordinary, I just want a new dining room table and dinner each night with my kids.” Alan thought to himself “that is extraordinary in this day and age, a family together, eating and in love. That is a goal. Let’s make it happen”.

We don’t care what your extraordinary is. Maybe you know exactly what it is, maybe you have no idea at all where you want to go or what you want to do. It doesn’t matter. We are going to help you identify your version of extraordinary and start to build it.